As an intelligent management centre for kids, we focus on implementing teaching methods and encouraging young scholars to learn via experience. Since lectures and texts are boring, we supplement a student’s learning module with fun activities and engaging playtimes.

All students have different skills and weaknesses. We follow a structured but unconventional academic approach that works wonders in refining students’ skills and nurturing their shortcomings.

What are the activities practiced here?

Multiple intelligence activities for kids provide an authentic and dedicated learning experience that ticks off a scholar’s needs, interests, and talents. We follow a progressive learning approach that motivates students to demonstrate their strengths.

What are the activities practiced here

Story Time

A lesser known fact: Story times are not just riveting but an impactful learning experience for students. It sparks the language and literacy abilities of kids. The little ones naturally transition and get the hang of real-world scenarios via stories and plays. It works like magic, stepping up the cognitive skills and social-emotional abilities of young children.

Multiple Intelligence Activities

Creative Writing

Did you know that writing and scribbling are promising activities too? We motivate students to indulge in impromptu team activities and imaginative writing gigs. Creative writing assignments encourage students to think, ideate new and out-of-the-box concepts, and synthesize new information creatively.

Fun Puzzle Games

Fun Puzzle Games

Puzzles are no ordinary fun activities. We inspire kids to flip, tweak, and play puzzles. The activity ignites problem-solving skills in children and strengthens their hand-eye coordination. Playing in squads also sparks team spirit and communication.

Art Activities

Art Activities

Multiple intelligence activities for kids stimulate cognitive and critical thinking skills in children. Encouraging children to express their ideas and vision in the form of art boosts critical thinking and cognitive skills in the little ones. In addition to regular art activities like painting and drawing, mentors at Bindu Batra’s Sparkle Minds motivate students to practice various other art forms like play doughs and collages.

Interactive Worksheets

Interactive Worksheets

Worksheets are modern-day techniques to train and educate students using creative and engaging play structures. Also known as activity sheets, it provokes young minds to brainstorm, solve problems, and make the most of a holistic learning experience.

We empower children to explore effective language and sensory tools for a meaningful learning experience.