Let your child learn new skills, explore new activities, and socialize with peers outside of a traditional classroom setup. Gone are the days when typical classroom learning was enough to groom competent and confident scholars. At Bindu Batra’s Sparkle Minds, we offer robust academic enrichment programs for kids. Introducing a holistic pedagogy that focuses on developing creativity, skills, and personality in kids.

We prepare independent and confident learners of tomorrow.

What is new about an academic enrichment program?

Traditional schooling puts a strong emphasis on abstract learning and memory. An enrichment program is specifically designed to educate young learners beyond a classroom setup. The program focuses on multiple aspects like:

  • Refining the intellect of young scholars
  • Making students self-reliant and independent
  • Harnessing prompt problem-solving skills in students.

We offer a personalized and hands-on learning approach, motivating and guiding students to implement theories in real-world situations.

Programs we offer


Language Literacy and Communication

It is no secret that language is the foundation of reading and writing skills in enthusiastic learners. Our curriculum prioritizes language development in kids, strengthening a learner’s ability to communicate, express, and interact. We introduce scholars to interactive activities like reading books, fun playtimes, scribbling, and more.


Mathematical Development

Are you concerned about your child’s dwindling interest in mathematics? Don’t give up your hopes just yet! A new and interactive approach to mathematics could be a game changer. We bring forth an engaging integration of maths with art to foster a deeper understanding of the concepts and numbers in kids. Art is a powerful and creative tool in the world of learning. It sparks curiosity in young minds and sharpens problem-solving skills in learners.


Insightful understanding of the real world

Simple textual learning and abstract lectures aren’t enough to prepare children for a thriving career. Personality development skills for students are just as monumental. Therefore, we welcome scholars in a supportive learning environment that’s quite different from a typical classroom setup. Unlike the traditional curriculum norms, we help students build a pragmatic and deeper understanding of the world around them.


Creative Development

Focus beyond academics. The kids enrichment programs aim to harness collaborative skills in students. We introduce kids to group activities, creative worksheets, play-based learning modules, and more to refine the cognitive skills in children. Besides, we also focus on ways to amp up communication skills in children and rekindle a sense of empathy in the young ones.

Every child is special and certainly talented. We organize a play and activity-driven curriculum to ensure that learning is a fun and engaging experience. Also, we adhere to a student-centric approach, focusing on the cognitive well-being, intelligences, and creative skills of the bright minds.

Remedial teaching

Students do have a hard time performing consistently. Reprimanding the kids or questioning their talent is a big bummer. We at Bindu Batra’s Sparkle Minds, work towards a scholar’s innate intelligence and not their grades. Hence, our remedial teaching methods ensure that kids are well prepared and insightful of academic contents. The education module aims to spark the skills and ability in kids using proactive techniques.



We aspire to instill a strong sense of phonics in students. Phonetics stand out as a significant language tool. It strengthens a scholar’s ability to read, write, identify new words, and communicate seamlessly. We guide children to recognise sounds of alphabets, symbols, and characters. Strong phonic skills are imperative, especially in the early childhood years. It encourages kids to become proficient readers and skilled speakers.


Capacity builders

Every child has their own progressive journey. Some are quick learners and some, skillful in other ways. We believe in honing the skills, abilities, instincts, and intelligences in young learners, empowering students to adapt and thrive in the fast-evolving world. Our educational module is explicitly based on accuracy to boost and strengthen the capacities or abilities in children.


An adorable teacher child bond

The relationship between a teacher and student must be cordial and supportive. It is crucial to improve learner engagement and performance. Our education modules are student-centric and designed to scale up interests and willingness in the young learners. The curriculum features activities that boost spatial intelligence, bodily intelligence, rhythmic intelligence, and more.